Flavour Illusions: The Templeton

Let me start off by saying that my wife, son, and I had a solid meal at The Templeton today. The service was friendly and efficient; the premises were fairly clean; the prices were about average;  the food was typical of diner fare, but it was less salty and much less greasy. Even though they had lower-than-usual salt and oil components, the food was nonetheless enjoyable and flavorful. But the flavours I tasted in some of the items were unexpected. The ingredients did not taste like what I expected them to taste like.

For example, the flavours of the rosemary potatoes that came with my mangled eggs dish did not remind me of breakfast potatoes.

The combination of rosemary and potatoes gave me flavours that conjured up mental images of…fish. Yes, fish! I thought that there must’ve been a glitch with my tastebuds after I tasted the first potato so I attempted to reboot my buds with some water. Didn’t work. The potatoes still tasted like fish. They tasted some kind of mild roasted fish with slight but still distinguishable briny fish flavours. Odd.

The mangled eggs were just a more descriptive name for a breakfast croissant sandwich. Between the sliced open, not-too-flaky, and total ordinary non-French croissant resided well-done (in terms of it being fully cooked) scrambled eggs , melted brie, and smoky bacon. The bottom half of the bread was really soggy. No matter how hard I tried, I was unable to pick up the sandwich and eat it with my hands without pieces of bread disintegrating. The eggs (and sandwich as a whole) were under-salted, and the strips of bacon were surprisingly not salty enough to compensate for the eggs’ lack of saltiness. The bacon did have the redeeming quality of having a smoky enough flavour for me to forgive the lack of salt in the overall sandwich. I also enjoyed the flavours of the included melted brie. On the first few bites, the brie gave the sandwich pleasant gamey flavours that completely elevated its tastiness. It’s too bad that I only got the gamey flavours for my first two or three bites. After that, the flavours of the sandwich slipped back to being ordinary.

The flavours of my son’s 777 burger – which I had a bite of – were also unexpected.

My tastebuds told me that the lean, 100% organic beef patty tasted less like a burger and more like a meatloaf. Actually, the patty did not taste ‘more’ like a meatloaf; it tasted exactly like what I expected meatloaf to taste like. For a meatloaf, it was pretty tasty. It paired well with both the melted cheese and the airy and aromatic sesame-seed-covered kaiser buns. The fries that came with the meatloaf sandwich were as tasty as the meatloaf. They were twice-or-thrice-fried cripsy crunchy; they were not oily at all; they were pleasantly dense on the inside; they were full of distinct potato flavours.

My wife had the ‘big ass’ breakfast. Again, one of its components had textures and flavours that reminded me of a different food item.

The cinnamon raisin French toast in my wife’s ‘big ass breakfast’ totally reminded me of bread pudding. The sweet cinnamon raisin flavours and the snappy and slightly mushy textures matched exactly those of my favorite variation of bread pudding. I loved the French toast. It was also sweet enough on its own to not require any syrup to be added to it. No syrup equals less calories; no syrup also adds to the bread pudding illusion.

The three remaining components of my wife’s dish were all well-executed. The over-easy eggs had yolks that were neither raw nor solidified; the strips of bacon were crispy and pleasantly smoky; the greens were coated in a lightly sweet and transparent dressing that imparted a creamy sensation.

Each of the three dishes that my wife, son, and I had today at The Templeton had a component that tasted like another food item. It my son’s burger dish, the main component of the beef patty tasted like a meatloaf . In my wife’s ‘big ass breakfast’, the French toast tasted like bread pudding. In my mangled eggs, the rosemary potatoes tasted like fish. All three of these items gave me flavour and texture surprises that were both pleasant and tasty. They provided my wife and I with a topic for a discussion that extended from our meat at the restaurant to our drive home. That in itself was a value-added surprise to our meal.

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Just like most people can think of a song that perfectly fits the mood of a moment or a particular situation, I often think about meals or dishes that would be perfect for a specific moment. Most of my thoughts are about food and I think in terms of food. To me, food is much more than something you ingest, desire, crave, or dislike. It relates to culture, to family, to politics, and to every other aspect of my life. I admit I might be a little obsessed and maybe even addicted to food, but I've been afflicted all my life. I was born with it and with this outlet for my food thoughts, I'll have a chance to run wild with it.
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