Neapolitan Pizza: The Bibo


My wife and I place The Bibo at the top spot in terms of tastiness among local Neapolitan pizza places that we have tried ( and which I have mostly neglected to write posts about ). If distance and time were not issues, we would be savoring their pies every time that we get a craving for authentic, Neapolitan pizza. But since we have two young children registered in various classes, engaged in a wide range of activities, and wishing to dine at their favorite restaurants (non of which are Neapolitan pizza restaurants) whenever they get a chance to dine out, and since The Bibo is an at least 30 minute drive from our house, we have only managed to make it out to the restaurant a total of three times in the past year. To make matters worse, there was a period of time in the past year that The Bibo decided to not open for weekday lunch service – which happened to be the only possible time that my wife and I can make it out to their location in Kits for a meal. Furthermore, they closed down altogether for a period of time in the name of ‘renovation’.

When I first got wind of their ‘renovation’, I thought it was likely that they would be closing down for good – since renovation is usually one of the excuses financially struggling restaurants give for closing down indefinitely. Fortunately, this was not the case. The restaurant opened back up after a short while and, to my surprise, started offering lunch service once again.

When my wife and I found out that they were once again opened for lunch, we suddenly got an overwhelming craving for Neapolitan pizza. And we immediately dragged our son with us for across two bridges for lunch at The Bibo even though he had been daydreaming about Korean short ribs for lunch.

Each of the three of us ordered a pizza. My son had the kid’s prosciutto pizza. My wife ordered the diavola pizza. I wanted to try the Boscaiola.

I’ll start with the good. The non-edge parts of the crust were crispy and tender; the tomato sauce had a distinct zestiness to it that matched well with the mozzerella, the crispy tender crust, and all of the ingredients in all three pizzas. The prosciutto in my son’s pizza was more like thicker cut back bacon, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. It had a substantial bitey-ness that paired well texturally with the crust. The spicy salami in my wife’s diavola pizza was likewise thick. Along with the thickness, the salami packed a delectable spicy punch. Its spicy flavours were bold and tasty; it was more flavourful than almost every slice of salami or pepperoni I’ve had on a local pizza.

I did not expect any element of the pizzas we ordered to have negative attributes or to be unenjoyable, but there were quite a few unsavory components. The sausage in my Boscaiola pizza was utterly flavourless, and the mushrooms were shriveled-up dry. The mozzarella was surprisingly dry, odorless, and rubbery – instead of being enjoyably wet, watery, gooey-snappy, and milky. The edges of the crust were way too thick and way too chewy – as opposed to being teeth-bouncing-but-not-jaw-straining and just-right-thick. I actually had to give up on eating a piece of the crust edge on one of my slices because of jaw fatigue.

My wife and I were mildly disappointed after eating the pizzas we ordered. We still thought that they still tasted good, but we no longer considered them to be head and shoulders above other local versions of Neapolitan pizza. As a result, we will be trying out other Neapolitan pizzerias the next time that we get a craving for authentic Italian pizza. I actually already have a few places in mind ( the Pazzarella food truck being one of them).

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