Whistler: Pasta Lupino

My family visited Pasta Lupino for a high-carb lunch after another morning of skiing in Whistler. The restaurant is located right across the street from Splitz Grill. We actually stumbled upon the busy restaurant the night before our visit when we were shopping at the 7-11 next door after our meal at Splitz Grill.

Pasta Lupino was completely full on the night that we first noticed its existence, and all of  the restaurant’s tables were once again fully occupied by patrons when we visited it for lunch. Since lunch was counter-service, we were able queue up and order our food before we found a table to place our plates of pasta on. We weren’t really worried since experience told us that tables usually become available pretty quickly at counter-service places. Diners at this type of restaurant usually do not linger at their tables for too long since they are cognizant of others waiting to sit down.

Apparently, we assumed wrong. People were taking their time eating their food, holding lengthy conversations during their meals, and lingering at their tables for an endless amount of time long after their plates were cleared off their tables.

The four of us ended up taking empty seats at three different tables already occupied by other groups of diners. The three tables were not that far apart from each other; they were certainly close enough for my wife to quickly snap pictures of the food our kids ordered before they dug in.

My daughter had the Bolognese

My daughter didn’t really like her spaghetti bolognese. She thought that the sauce was too spicy and had too much of a tomato flavour. She felt that the spaghetti had a texture that was too slippery, and she commented that the meatballs were too dry and hard to swallow. I tried one of her meatballs and can confirm that it was very dry, and so un-enjoyably dense and lean that it was quite difficult to bite through.

My son had a plain chicken cutlet with plain spaghetti

My son liked the chicken cutlet because…it was deep fried. It was crispy on the outside and the white meat looked not-too-dry on the inside. My son was able to chow down on the chicken cutlet without having any complaints about its textures. What he did complain about was his spaghetti. Like my daughter, my son also thought that the spaghetti was too “slippery”. Along with the slipperiness, my son disliked the mushiness of the pasta. He did enjoy the huge piece of bread included with his order

My wife had the sliced sausage arrabiata

My wife disliked the sauce; she thought that it tasted like unsuccessfully spiced canned tomatoes. The pasta was not that much better. It was overcooked and had a texture that was way too limp. It was also a little too wet – which is what I assumed the kids meant by “slippery”. She thought that the sausage was average-tasting. Although they were flavourful, my wife could not pinpoint the exact flavours that she tasted in the sausage. Out of all of the components on her plate, my wife liked the bread the most. She thought that it was suitably airy along with having a suitably bitey texture.

I had the salsiccia(whole)

The pasta had a texture that was the polar opposite of al dente. It was crazy soft on the outside, and extremely limp on the inside. My wife was totally right about the sauce; it tasted 100% liked canned tomatoes. Whereas my wife was unable to detect any spiciness, I could definitely tell that the tomato sauce was spicy. But I was also unable to differentiate between any of the herbs and spices that was blended into the sauce. The Italian sausage that was the main component of my dish was also spicy. It was flavourful and surprisingly moist. In fact, the sausage was so moist that it flooded the pasta with clear juices as soon as I breached its outer casing. The sausage was, without a doubt, the juiciest sausage that I’ve ever had. EVER. The bread was nice and enjoyable, but I thought that it didn’t taste that much better than bread served at most other Italian restaurants.

My wife, kids, and I went into Pasta Lupino needing some pasta to fill up on crabs and replenish the energy that we spent on skiing. The decently-portioned pasta and huge pieces of bread we were served definitely gave us what we went to the restaurant for. While the orders of pasta satisfied our carb-cravings, they did not satisfy our need for tastiness. The pasta was too soft, the sauce was too canned-tomato-like, and the meatballs were to dry. The chicken cutlet was good enough for my son to finish it. The sausage – while being the juiciest I’ve ever had, – was only average when it came to its flavours. So if you’re looking for advice on whether or not you should visit Pasta Lupino on your next visit to Whistler, I’ll say this: As average as the food at the restaurant was, it was still an order of magnitude tastier than the food at the lodges on Whistler or Blackcomb. Therefore if you can spare the 5-10 minutes it takes to drive to Main St. from Whistler village, I think Pasta Lupino would be a worthwhile visit for a filling, value-for-money, and generally average-tasting lunch.

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