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Bubbling Bubble Tea House –

This reveiw will be an extremely short take. I was waiting for takeout from Spicy House next door, so I thought I’d get some bubble tea from the Korean bubble tea place called Bubbling Bubble Tea House. I didn’t expect it to any good; I just wanted an iced, sweet Taiwanese milk tea to temporarily  keep my hunger in check.

I got the milky tea to drink right away while I got the milky tea with pearls to bring home to my wife.

One sip of the milky tea and I was transported back to Taiwan. The milky tea had the authentic non-dairy creamer + black-tea-powder flavours found at most inexpensive, generic, and perfectly enjoyable bubble tea places in Taiwan. I asked for the sweetness to be reduced by 50%, and the milky tea I received tasted not too sweet but just sweet enough.

My wife found the pearls that I ordered for her milky tea to be very enjoyable. They were chewy thoughtout and quite easy to break down by her teeth after the first few chews. They also worked well with her half-sweetened creamer infused tea. The only complaint she had was number of pearls included. If this place really wanted to emulate generic milk tea with pearls served at every street corner in Taiwan, they should double the amount of pearls included.

If you’re ever in the area and thirsty for some Taiwanese milky tea, I would not hesitate in recommending that you visit Bubbling Bubble Tea House…the only thing is that if you really like your tapioca pearls, you’ll probably need a double order in your drink to feel satisfied.

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