Taipei: 55 day dry-aged ribeye at Fresh and Aged

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Ever since reading about the 240-day dry aged steak at Carnevino in Las Vegas about five years ago, I’ve had countless 5K-resolution-oculus-rift-real dreams where I was almost able to put a piece of that eight-month-dry-aged-ethereal-slab-of-protein inside my mouth. Almost. Every … Continue reading

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Too Little, Too Sweet: Shishinori

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My review of the food my wife and I had at Shishinori might be a little skewed. We were super hungry when we visited and we didn’t know that the restaurant was one of those that served healthy-ish food in … Continue reading

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Tokyo: Kyubei

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I was going through my email trying to find the notes I took of the exemplary meal my wife and I had a Kyubei but I couldn’t find them…I don’t know what happened to them. I distinctly remembered typing the … Continue reading

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Awful service, Hot room, and Fresh Yummy Fish: Sushi by Yuji

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Until a week ago, I never realized why most respectable sushi restaurants did not have clear, floor-to-ceiling windows. Heat. Direct sunlight produces heat. Combine that with a sushi restaurant bare ready for lunch service with a bucket full of just-mixed … Continue reading

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Singapore: Hainanese Chicken Rice at Chatterbox

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Before visiting Singapore, I did a little bit of research and had a list of about seven Hainanese chicken rice places that I wanted to try. Most of them were in hawker centres, and I had planned to hit one … Continue reading

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Smothered By MSG: Shanghai Xiao Long Bao Restaurant

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Yes, it does seem like they put THAT MUCH msg into every one of their dishes. How much is THAT MUCH? TOO MUCH.EXCESSIVE . Exhibit A: The hot and sour soup. My wife and I were not expecting much. We … Continue reading

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Macau: Old Neptune Restaurant at the Venetian

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The last time I visited Macau, it had only ONE major casino- which was controlled by the city’s one and only gaming licensee. The gambling industry was a monopoly back then, and it attracted a fair number of visitors and … Continue reading

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