Something a food slob like me enjoys: Italian Kitchen

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The size. The dimensions. The proportions. The perception. I’m not good at estimating distances or heft or volume or bigness or smallness or square footage or anything like that. Driving by Park Royal everyday and watching the workers build, decorate, … Continue reading

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Hong Kong: Michelin Star My A$$ – Tim Ho Wan

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Not that I mind walking over 45 minutes in the endless subway tunnels and thrice asking smug, pseudo-friendly locals where the supposedly uber-well-known dim sum restaurant was…I completely, totally, 101% would not mind searching for the place in a torrential … Continue reading

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Living Life According to the Manual: Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

Crouching against a 23 foot high stucco wall under a concrete staircase cracked thirty six different ways gently blasted by the 23 degree (celsius) Southern California summer breeze in constant lookout for the ruthless aluminum-bat-weilding, way-too-old-for-highschool dorm proctor I was … Continue reading

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Dim Sum And Then Some: Chef Tony

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I won’t lie. I walked into the restaurant with both an off-the-charts expectation of great dim sum and an all-encompassing fear of a huge disappointment. Why this bipolarity? Chef Tony. Chef Tony of Sea Harbour. To be more exact: Sea … Continue reading

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Lost In Translation (in the age of fictional zombies): Corner 23

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Somewhere along the way, the food lost its way. Like so many Taiwanese restaurants outside of Taiwan, Corner 23 could not capture the essence of what Taiwanese food is. It came closer than some by virtue of its (Chinese) namesake … Continue reading

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20th century pricing and a sublime roll: Shiro

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If the 21st century was a person, it’d be a teenager now. I remember when I was a teenager in the 90’s…gas prices were around 50 cents a litre, an album on CD cost around $15 (or more) , and … Continue reading

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Minuscule portions and tiny flavours: Kyung Bok Palace

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My daughter’s friend’s mother recommended that I try this restaurant around two years ago. She said that it was one of the better and and more authentic Korean restaurants on the north shore. I stored the name of the restaurant … Continue reading

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