Lost In Translation (in the age of fictional zombies): Corner 23

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Somewhere along the way, the food lost its way. Like so many Taiwanese restaurants outside of Taiwan, Corner 23 could not capture the essence of what Taiwanese food is. It came closer than some by virtue of its (Chinese) namesake … Continue reading

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20th century pricing and a sublime roll: Shiro

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If the 21st century was a person, it’d be a teenager now. I remember when I was a teenager in the 90′s…gas prices were around 50 cents a litre, an album on CD cost around $15 (or more) , and … Continue reading

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Minuscule portions and tiny flavours: Kyung Bok Palace

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My daughter’s friend’s mother recommended that I try this restaurant around two years ago. She said that it was one of the better and and more authentic Korean restaurants on the north shore. I stored the name of the restaurant … Continue reading

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The Pizza Strikes Back: Via Tevere Pizzeria

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I didn’t really visit Via Tevere Pizzeria after being thoroughly seduced by the meat pide at Anatolia’s Gate. I wish that I did. Being pulled back onto the righteous path by a proper Neapolitan pie would’ve made for a better, … Continue reading

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Out Pizza-ing the Pizza: Anatolia’s Gate

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I’ve had several close encounters with Anatolia’s Gate ever since I found out about the Turkish restaurant via local online foodie discussion boards. But for one reason or another, I’ve always stopped short of visiting the place. The reasons that … Continue reading

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Yea, I’m back…courtesy of my daughter’s homework assignment and Tony’s Beef Noodles.

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A funny thing happened as I was reviewing my daughter’s way too detailed literary arts homework assignment: I remembered my own way-too-detailed reviews in my long forgotten non-blog. Maybe I should take my own advice and condense everything down to … Continue reading

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Taking Away The Stars: Ma Dang Coul

I don’t give star ratings to restaurants. If I did, I would be docking every single star that I previously assigned to Ma Dang Coul. My meal experiences at the restaurant have been on a constant downward negative trend ever since my posted review of it in March of 2012. Today was the breaking point. The disappointing meal that my wife, son, and I had at Ma Dang Coul today completely eliminated any shred of lingering favorable opinions we had of the restaurant. The kalbi short ribs were stale, tough, full or weird debris (think: meat dandruff), and completely MSG-overinfused. The seafood pancake and kimchi jigae were both boring and way-below-average. The Yang Nyum Chicken was too sweet, too salty, and too heavy in cinnamon flavours. The flavours of the dishes were not in balance. The textures were underwhelming. Worse still, all three of my wife, son, and I experienced an extreme bout of thirst immediately after we finished our meal. I had to stop at a nearby McDee’s to get two of their large-sized one-dollar diet sodas to quench my extreme thirst a mere 8 minutes after the meal. And the two super-sized sodas were not even close to enough to quench the sodium-induced thirst. In the ensuing hours, I had to constantly drown my oral cavity with cup after cup of any beverage I can get my hands on just so could feel “normal”. I was so thirsty that I had 100% liquid dinner consisting of: three (925 ml) mugs of tea, one coffee, one diet soda, and whole-lotta water. My wife and son were no better off. They, like me, kept hydrating the hell out of themselves throughout the remaining part of the day to no avail.

I will NOT be re-visiting Ma Dang Coul unless it was a matter of life and death. I am done with the restaurant. Never Again.

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